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Corporate Social Responsibility

The transport and logistics sector has a great impact on the environment due to its activity. Therefore, from Transports Argelich we want to generate an added value to the company through the awareness of its social, environmental and labor responsibility.

The company has a great commitment with each client it works with in order to guarantee the quality of the services it offers. Before taking a decision, the impact that these future actions may have on society, workers and the environment is assessed.

The strategic lines of social responsibility are based on different axes that cover all needs and are adapted to the company's philosophy. Within the social responsibility that we find in our company there are different points.



  • To serve society with useful products and in fair conditions.
  • To improve the possibilities and opportunities of the community where we have established ourselves as a company.
  • To give support to sports clubs.
  • Collaborations with the projects of different social entities.
  • Commitment to the maintenance and improvement of vehicles and facilities.



  • Respect the environment, avoiding as much as possible, any type of pollution.
  • To follow up the management of the waste generated.
  • To review the energy efficiency of the company.
  • Involve all employees in the good practice of CSR.
  • Energy optimization thanks to the solar panels that have been installed.
  • Optimization of the routes of the xofers to save fuel.
  • Environmentally friendly vehicles.
  • Recycling within the company, both in the packaging sector and in the transport of goods.



  • Building corporate reputation.
  • Maintaining business ethics.
  • Respecting working conditions to promote occupational health and safety.
  • Ensure full compliance with labor legislation, non-discrimination policy, attention to employee training, internal communication and working environment of the company.
  • Maintain the final quality of the service we provide to our clients as a result of planned actions, prevention systems, detection and improvement during the activity.
  • Use of the new and better technologies that allow to improve the efficiency.