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LOGIKFRED is the main storage center and distribution of ARGELICH to complete our transport services, forming a system of integral solutions. Our storage and logistic platform in Vila-sana (Lleida), encompasses collection and storage in dry, refrigerated and frozen, up to packaging, labeling and distribution under the best conditions.

With leading technology and flexibility, LOGIKFRED turns to the leader in quality service and a remarkable referent to storage solutions in national range.


ISO 9001

Quality system certificate, indicating the implementation of a quality management system that complies with the requirements established in the standard, according to ISO 9001:2015.

SAE Certificate

Audited system of specific self-checks (SAE) certificate, level 3, for meat and meat products, with inclusion in the list of authorizations for the storage of pork meat in Japan.

IFS Logistics certification

It establishes the requirements for quality management, food safety and traceability in logistics and transportation activities.

Frozen storage.
12 cold chambers at -22ºC with capacity for 33000 pallets.
5 freezing static tunnels with 60 tones of capacity each one at -40ºC.
21 load and unload docks.
Chambers dotted with pallet racking on mobile bases and managed by radiofrequency, with guaranties the product traceability.
Picking service with capacity for more than 800 locations.
Flexibility to adapt any customer petition to guarantee the swiftness and efficiency for the moment that the goods arrived until the moment of deliver.
All the storage and movement are computer controlled with our own software to guarantee the quality and versatility of our service.
Orders management by FTP and EDI.
Fresh guarantee: accessible temperature registers for each location.
Storage center FEGA.
Service Quality leaders: ISO 9001.